Who can join the JuvDet Association?
Applications are welcome by anyone who is currently working in a Queensland Youth Detention Centre (QYDC) in a fulltime, part-time, temporary or casual capacity. Once your application is accepted by the committee, you will become a member.
How do I join?
There are 2 methods to choose from, either complete the application online or download the form in PDF here. Or you can approach a representative at work for a form and return it to them once you’ve completed it. Alternately, you may leave your contact details through our enquiry form at our website and we will respond within 24hrs.
How will this benefit me?
In the first instance all members will have a funeral benefit which will allay concerns for you and your loved ones in the event of an untimely death. This benefit will offer peace of mind; that at least this aspect of a members’ passing will not be a financial burden on those they care for.

Recognising the difference between support and representation is another reason to join. Support in essence, is an individual representing themselves to the best of their knowledge and ability with the support of a friend or colleague.

Representation from the Association is the collective knowledge and capabilities gathered in the workplace over 15 plus years (by our advocates) which have had a direct impact on the workplace. Our focus, knowledge and capabilities will be directed to your issue if no current remedy exists.

The JuvDet Association has legal firms at call to choose from to represent our members in matters of an industrial concern should matters escalate to this level.

What’s the difference between the JuvDet Association and other Unions?
Most unions are affiliated with major political parties at the State and Federal level. The Newman government has put in place processes which hamper delivery of service for union members. Our Association is specific to QYDC with no attachments to any political parties, thereby allowing our focus to concentrate in the workplace and those who work there.
Where do my membership fees go?
Your fortnightly subscription fees accumulate in The JuvDet Association bank account which is then used to achieve the objectives. Our objectives can be viewed in the constitution of The JuvDet Association. We recognise the value of transparent processes; which among other matters forms part of the reason why the Association is a publically listed company, accordingly members will be able to view information from the account that will be updated monthly.
How much are my membership fees?
Membership fees are $15.00 per fortnight
How do I get funeral cover through the JuvDet Association?
To get funeral cover, you become a member of the JuvDet Association. A funeral benefit is automatic upon becoming a member. Download an application form here and apply now.